Message from our Principal

Throughout 2019 we have been proud of our endeavours to translate our Vision into action. 

There were several significant achievements for this year including the Opening and Blessing of Stage 4 which houses our senior students.  This building engenders a sense of passion and engagement in children’s education as the student learning spaces, staff hub, withdrawal areas, book nook and gathering space allow for and support contemporary learning. 

We extended our landscape works to incorporate a wonderful playing field and the fund raising efforts of parents and children have greatly contributed to this.

It’s a credit to all involved, that since our inaugural year, our enrolment has more than quadrupled - and still continues to grow. 

But it’s not only the physical space that matters in a child’s education.  St Clare’s has a reputation for quality learning and teaching and for the community feel that is indicative of our school. 

I believe we have much to celebrate at St Clare’s.  I congratulate the community as we acknowledge the fact that our students are motivated to be the best they can be and aspire to live lives that witness to Jesus.

I am proud to be such an integral part of the St Clare’s Community and look forward to ensuring the dreams and plans we have for the future come to fruition.


Helen Staindl